5 Detox Green Smoothie Recipes

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Source: totalgymdirect

The healthiest nutrient dense foods that Mother Nature has put on our planet are raw veggies and fruits. Most of us know already know this, but still do not eat as much of them as we should. The price of high quality organic vegetables and fruits is sometimes quite hefty, and there are so many other delicious foods and beverages out there that draw our attention – and appetites. Luckily, there is a way to get the vitamins, minerals and the enjoyment out of the colorful plants by making a delicious detox green smoothie.

Health Benefits of a Detox Green Smoothie

There are countless benefits of consuming plant based smoothies. First of all, smoothies allow our bodies to absorb more nutrients as they pass through our digestive system. The main reason is the texture of the smoothie. The more that a food is mashed, the less work our digestive tract needs to perform. The fiber content also reduces to an extent, allowing for a faster absorption of vitamins and minerals.

A detox green smoothie also, as the name says, has a detoxifying effect on the body. Even though we might be health concious, no one can escape an ocassional fast food binge, or a couple of beers on a night out. This may not seem like much, but in the long run the unhealthy eating and drinking habits can run havoc over our whole body, impeding the proper hormonal secretions and internal organ functioning. This is especially true for the liver and kidneys, which are the flushing organs which have a detoxifying function in the body. A detox green smoothie acts like a cleansing wave for the whole body, flushing out the accumulation of mucus in the intestines, and ridding the whole system of toxicity.

A detox green smoothie is also an excellent prebiotic. You’ve probably heard of probiotics, and how important they are for health. But prebiotics are perhaps even more important, because they are the main food source for the good bacteria in our gut. The best prebiotics are green vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli and lettuce. When they are mixed into a smoothie, they can be digested and consumed in larger quantity by the healthy bacteria. The more healthy bacteria we have in our gut, the healthier and more vibrant we will look and feel.

Losing Weight

Apart from the health benefits, weight loss is another reason why detox green smoothies should be part of everyones diet. The easiest way to lose weight is to eat less. This is sometimes hard to accomplish because eating less leads to hunger, nervousness and lack of energy. But this is where a smoothie can come to the rescue. A green smoothie is full of valuable nutrients, but it doesn’t have a lot of calories. Since vegetables and fruits are the healthiest sources of fiber, and fiber keeps us satiated and full, we can simply replace the high caloric foods with a green smoothie. This way it’s easy to eat healthy, eat less calories and not feel hungry! The result of this strategy is guaranteed weight loss.

A Super 3 Day Detox

The best way to get all of these benefits quickly is to do a 3 day detox. Detoxifying may sound like its complicated, but it’s really not. All you need is a blender, some healthy green vegetables, and preferrably some fruit to make the smoothies more tasty, and you’re all set!
During this short detox, you should simply replace some of your meals with the smoothies. The best way to consume the smoothies would be as the first meal in the morning, and another one in the evening. These are the periods of the day when we need most nutrients. The evening meal sets us for the night, and breakfast provides us with a fresh stream of energy after a long sleep. You can have 1-2 meals in between in the afternoon. These meals should also be light, and should consist mainly of light protein (chicken, tuna etc.), some vegetables and complex carbohydrates like brown rice or wholewheat bread.

Doing this 3 day detox will give your digestion a regenerative booost, and also kick start some fat loss. Once you adjust to eating healthy nutrient dense foods with less calories, it will be easier to keep on doing it after the detox is over.