5 Minutes of Meditation a Day Keeps Stress Away


Source: greatist

Modern life is fast-paced and extremely stressful.  Many studies have shown how this stress affects your physical and mental health, but fortunately, ancient wisdom offers a cure.  Instead of opening a medicine cabinet or ordering a triple-shot of espresso, try meditation.

Regular meditation can:

  • reverse damage to the mind and body.
  • provide relief from the constant confusion of day to day life.
  • give an opportunity for a person to ‘check in’ with themselves.
  • provide clarity on big decision.
  • rewire the brain to be more resilient and less likely to suffer from future stress.

Curious about this ancient healing practice?  If you have five minutes, you can try it right now.

Your First Meditation

Sit on a cushion or block so your spine is straight but not stiff.

Spend 30 seconds getting settled and comfortable.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.  Listen to it and feel it in your nostrils, throat, or deep in the chest.

Move your awareness to sounds around you.  Do you hear a clock ticking?  Voices outside the room?  If it’s quiet, go back to your own breathing.

Now try a simple mantra.  Repeat to yourself, silently or out loud, “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you.” This mantra, derived from ancient Hawaiian healing practices, replaces painful emotions and memories with self-compassion and a desire to create a better world.

In the last half minute, finish by visualizing being bathed in white light.  This energy will soothe and strengthen you throughout the day.