Am I Eating Too Many Eggs?


Source: WalnutCreekFarm

Many healthy eaters are ordering egg-white omelets, or staying away from eggs all together. So the question is, how many eggs can you eat? Can you eat an egg everyday? Well the answer depends on your other daily eating habits. For the average eater, having 2 eggs per day is no problem. If you’re getting a lot of saturated fat during your other meals, you might want to cut back on your eggs. Bacon, cheese, and an egg? That might be overkill. Also, removing the yolk is removing the fat. But there are also a lot of nutrients that are coming from the yolk. The bottom line is, moderation. As long as you are eating healthy the rest of the day (i.e. no cheeseburgers), your morning eggs are perfectly healthy. Eggcellent.