Are Sore Muscles a Sign of a Good Workout?

Source: lethow

Working out on a Stairmaster and doing a tremendous amount of crunches and squats will not be rewarding if you’re making these routine mistakes. Fortunately, these errors can be fix which will result in you wasting less time at the gym and losing more weight.

The first mistake is you don’t consider your tongue in a sit-up routine. Women typically use the muscles in their neck well over their abs when using crunching techniques.  You want to target your abs by holding your tongue towards the top of your mouth prior to beginning your sets. It assists in maintaining the tension off your neck so that your stomach is driven to do the labor.

The second mistake is stretching prior to doing cardio. The most effective way to warm up your muscles and avoid injury prior to running on the elliptical is to workout at a reducing level. Adjust the machine at the simplest level and work out. Then begin to raise the level until you have a preferred pace. As a result, your heart rate will rise and prevent you from being tired.

The third mistake is avoiding doing actual push-ups. Altered push ups (having the knee on the ground) have been scrutinized as sluggish. Having your arms precisely under your shoulders and maintaining all of your knees towards your neck in an aligned line as you moderately reduce yourself to the ground is not strenuous.