Coffee Lovers Can Beat Diabetes

Source: India Today

Researchers say that compounds found in coffee proves effective in decreasing type 2 diabetes. This is great news for coffee lovers. Scientists have identified two compounds they believe is instrumental in helping them develop new medications to combat the disease.

Information gathered through a research conducted by the ACS Journal of Natural Products, shows that drinking at least three to four cups of coffee daily, has health benefits that lead to preventing and reducing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent. With each additional cup of coffee consumed the risk is reduced by 7 to 8 percent.

Tests Uncover Health Truths

Patients suffering with type 2 diabetes have a hormone (glucagon) that reduces the pancreas ability to make more insulin, thus making the body resistant to insulin. This specific hormone is responsible for turning glucose into energy. Type 2 diabetes causes serious health conditions such as cardiovascular problems, blindness, and stroke.

Regular and decaffeinated coffee, have a short- term effect on both insulin and glucose. Researchers believe that certain bioactive components found in coffee were tested in rats, and the results are promising. During an experiment, caffeic and cafestol were found to increase the levels of glucose and insulin secretion. These levels are currently found in anti diabetic medication.

Researchers are also looking into the possibility of coffee, reducing the risk of liver and heart disease. Other research shows that coffee consumption may also reduce the risk cancer. Through various types of researches, the health benefits of drinking coffee are rousing the curiosity the attention the medical industry far and near.