Do You Really Have To Wash Your Lettuce?


Source: vegkitchen

If you’re buying pre-made salads or packaged greens, the packaging often says “triple-washed”. Can you trust that? It might seem crazy to not wash your greens at home with the news reporting on the rare occurrence of e. coli. But if a bag of greens says it’s been triple- washed, is there anything your regular water rinse and colander are going to get rid of that the company missed? The truth is that you’re more likely to contaminate your greens that get them cleaner. Companies that pre-wash their greens are using a cleaning agent to get rid of any dirt or bacteria. Buying clean greens is more than just washed. You need to make sure to buy from companies you trust, and accept that there is a small risk involved with eating raw greens. The only way to really clean your greens is to cook it. Rinse off any fresh greens that haven’t been washed, but don’t bother rinsing the¬†prewashed. Keep your produce cool and away from meat, especially raw meat. Prepare it on clean surfaces, and avoid cross contamination.