Do Your Socks Really Matter? Find Out Why


Source: OutdoorGearLab

You spend so much money on your workout gear, clothes, and shoes. It might be tempting to just throw on any old pair of tube socks. With great shoes, what difference does a pair of socks really make? It makes a difference. Wearing a great pair of socks can prevent blisters, keep your feet dry, offer extra arch support, and more cushioning. Wearing the wrong pair of socks can cause bunching, wet feet, blisters, and even foot pain. If you’re a runner, invest in some moisture wicking socks with arch support and extra padding. Nike and Thorlo make great socks for runners. If you’re a hiker, choose wool socks. They keep in heat even if they get wet, which is ideal for long treks. If you’re into cross-fit or lifting weights, choose a higher sock to protect your legs and ankles from getting scratched. For cycling, choose a thinner sock that will stay dry. If you’re doing barre workouts or even yoga and you wear socks, choose a sock with a rubber grip on the bottom. This will help keep your feet warm and help you hold poses without slipping.