How Clean is Your Bed? Not as Clean as You Think


Source: Tumblr

You might think that you’re keeping a pretty clean bed. You clean your sheets every few weeks and you don’t get into bed when you’re too sweaty. But that isn’t clean enough. The CDC links a lack of sleep with diabetes and depression. A dirty bed could be causing you to get a less restful night’s sleep. You sweat in your sleep, and dead skin cells get loaded into your mattress. How to get a cleaner bed? Invest in a good quality mattress cover. This will cut down on the sweat and skin your mattress will absorb. Wash your sheets in hot water, and change them once a week. Wash your duvet cover every 2 weeks. And wash your duvet and pillows every 3 months. You can cut down on pillow washings if you have an allergen reducing pillow cover under your pillowcase. Wash the cover every 2-3 weeks.