Low Cal Wine

Source: trndmonitor

Low calorie wine is a good concept for dieters who  like to enjoy a glass of AXlwine while sticking to their diets. A glass of low calorie wine generally has 20-30 fewer calories per 5 oz. glass than its full-calorie counterpart. In achieving that low calorie status, the maker generally reduces the alcohol in the beverage rather than changing something else about the wine. But enjoying low calorie wine may not be the dietary boon expected when all factors are weighed.

1.Is a calorie reduction that small significant enough to warrant selecting a low calorie product?

For a dieter, any reduction in calories is important. So, yes. Even that tiny amount is not too insignificant to warrant a switch to lo call wine.

2. The individual enjoying the drink should not be misled by the lower amount of alcohol.

The temptation may be to consume more to make up for the reduced amount of alcohol in low calorie wine. That temptation should be avoided. The reduction is n not that substantial, and getting in the habit of drinking more is a dangerous and slippery slope. The drinker may be fooled into becoming accustomed to being able to drink a greater amount by having the ability to do so in a low calorie version.

The appeal of having access to a low calorie wine may aid the diet of an individual wishing to cut calories, but may at the same time mislead that person as to the amount of wine that person should be drinking.