The Perfect Lunge

perfect lunge
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The lunge is an ideal workout exercise because it can be done anywhere and you don’t need any equipment. However, your body does need to be in shape to avoid an injury. First, should be able to keep your balance and bend your knees to 90 degree angles without pain or wobbling. If either of these are an issue, don’t do a full lunge yet.

To master the lunge your form is critical. Your neck and back should always stay straight. Your chin should be up with your head looking straight forward. The work is going to be done by your legs, so your abdomen core should be firm without any twisting or bending.
Source: NHS

Start off standing straight and looking forward. Move one leg forward and bend at the knee while the back legs bends to put that knee on the ground. Done right, your front leg should be a 90 degree angle forward with the foot flat on the ground, and the back leg a 90 degree back with the knee on the group and your foot vertical except for the toes, bent flat on the ground. This is the forward-lower phase of the lunge.

Now, you pick yourself up moving forward and stand up straight again. Do the lunge again, with the same form, with the other leg going forward and your first leg going backward. Repeat this slowly 10 to 12 times or as comfortable. You’re going to feel a burning in your thigh and calf muscles and your knees as your legs work.

Do this daily, and your legs and core are going to build up significant strength. Add hand weights kept at your sides at all times and you’ll see even more improvement. However, start slow and focus on form first. Get it done right, and you’ll be a lungemaster at home or at the office during a break.