Strengthen Your Hips, Abs, & Back With This One Move


Source: builtlean

Bird Dog.

Bird Dog is an amazing stretch. It stretches, lengthens, and builds strength. It’s easy to do, can be modified, and can be done pretty much anywhere. Get on all fours. With your hands directly below your shoulders, and your knees below your hips. Find your neutral spine. This is the dog. Tighten your abs, and simultaneously extend your left arm forward, and your right leg back. Reach opposite directions. Then return to all fours. Now reach your right arm, and left leg. The goal is to keep your core tight, and your limbs reaching. If you’re feeling too wobbly, do just the arms, one at a time, or just the legs. Do a few. Hold the position. You can play around with it, and build up. If it’s too easy, try using a resistance band, or adding weights to your wrists and ankles.