Superfood: Goji Berries

Source: spoonuniversity

If you aren’t familiar with this tiny berry it’s time to get on the Goji bandwagon. This powerful superfruit looks similar in size and color to a lighter raisin. They are very high in vitamin C with other antioxidant boosters. They come from Tibet and Mongolia where they have been used for decades in health and wellness clinics. You can find them dried, whole, and even crushed up into a powder form to add easily to smoothies or other dishes. You can toss the dried ones into salad, steel cuts oats, and even on top of greek yogurt for your daily serving of this fruit. So where do they come from? They are actually grown on a perennial bush that is part of the nightshade family. Sometimes they are called the wolfberry, with their season being July to October where they are normally grown. Being an uncommon fruit they can sometimes be a little expensive to buy, but as they are only growing in popularity, they are bound to go down in price as more people discover their benefits. Most of the commercially grown ones are from China nowadays with over 10 million of these little bushes growing along the floodplains of the Yellow River. The chinese like to call these little valuable plants as having “red diamonds.”