What Teas To Drink For You Ailments


Source: SustainableBrands

A cup of tea is a great comfort when you aren’t feeling well. Eastern medicine uses many types of tea to heal people. If you’re very sick, or your problem is persistent, you should go to the doctor. But if you’re having a minor problem, tea might be just the thing. Make sure you drink the right type for what is ailing you.

Stress- Chamomile Tea

Nausea- Ginger Tea

Bloat- Peppermint Tea

Cold- Green Tea

Sore Throat- Licorice Root

Can’t Sleep- Licorice Root, Chamomile, Lemon

Inflammation- Green Tea or Ginger Tea

Headache- Lemon Raspberry, or Green Tea for a caffeine headache

Weightloss- White or Green Tea