10 Natural Alkaline Foods Which Balance Your Body


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Alkaline foods are those foods which have a pH higher than 7.45. Proponents of the alkaline diet, aka the alkaline ash diet, believe it can help you loose weight, and avoid diseases like arthritis and cancer. This diet gained a lot of popularity in 2013, when Victoria Beckham tweeted about it. While it’s true that avoiding certain meats, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods is probably good for you, it’s hard to believe that the diet does everything it promises.

That being said, what foods can you eat on this diet? Basically you should know acidic foods so as to differentiate from alkaline foods although some alkaline foods might have a lower pH than other alkaline foods. It is not mandatory to only eat alkaline foods in order to maintain one’s body pH to alkaline but one should mix with acidic foods and natural foods for example fruits, which is always important in each and every diet and vegetables, which maintains good health of a person preventing some chronic diseases for example respiratory diseases like Cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and the dangerous cancer.

How Do I know if Alkaline Foods Are Right For Me?

The taking of alkaline foods in order to maintain an alkaline pH in one’s body is intensely shared in our society nowadays and it has almost gone viral and the importance of it is not even evident. In order to balance your body pH to an alkaline state, you need to change your diet from acidic foods to alkaline foods, this is simply what is usually done. The following acidic components which are found in foods actually bring about acidic pH in your body and they include sulfur, phosphate and obviously the most common one proteins and which is the hardest to avoid. On the other hand, the following alkaline components found in alkaline foods indeed bring about alkaline pH into your body and they include magnesium, calcium and potassium. Acidic foods which contain a very high level of acidity are grains, sugar, certain dairy products for example yogurt and cheese, processed food, fish, processed meat and also fresh meat, sodas and last but not least high protein foods for example beans. The above foods should be consumed in very low quantity and also be avoided if possible. In the pH chart, there are components that are regarded as neutral for example wood ash is an example of a neutral substance. Also there are foods which are considered neutral for example starch which can be found in maize and also natural sugars for example lactose and fructose. For proper functioning and reaction of the body to be maintained, a correct body pH should be maintained also and the correct body pH is the alkaline pH. When an alkaline level is maintained in the body, the metabolic reactions, the immune system, and the enzymatic reactions and also maintained and therefore function at their very best therefore preventing some dangerous diseases for example cancer. Although not very many people have ever complained about the diseases through the lack of alkaline foods in their body, the consumption of alkaline foods is generally healthy since alkaline content is basically found in natural foods and so whenever you take natural foods, you maintain a healthy state of the body. Not to forget and leave out, also acidic foods are extremely important in our bodies for example amino acids and also the fatty acids. The acidic foods should not be left out completely since they are also included in the body building and basic essentials in the body for example protection from diseases.

What Level of pH Should Be Maintained in the Body?

pH is usually measure from number range 0-14. It measures how strong or weak something is acidic or basic. 0-6 represents acidic with 0 as the weakest while 6 is the strongest acid. 7 represents neutral and is logic since it is found right in the middle. 7-14 represents basic with 7 as the weakest base while 14 is the strongest base. The pH value in our bodies vary differently and greatly though. Some parts inside our bodies are acidic, others are basic while others are obviously neutral. For instance in the stomach, there are juices present for example hydrochloric acid is one example that is necessary to be in the stomach. Hydrochloric is a very strong acid whose function is to basically fats to fat lipid droplets and to also help in food digestion. Aside from the stomach is the blood. The blood should be alkaline in nature or slightly alkaline. It can be a very serious occurrence if the blood is found to be acidic since most processes cannot take place in the blood when it is acidic. But good news is that the food we eat does not affect the pH of our blood, so eating of alkaline foods does not change the pH of the blood to alkaline and so does the eating of acidic foods affect the change of the blood to acidic pH. Only effect from diseases can cause the blood to change its pH from alkaline to acidic.

Healthy Alkaline Foods

Fruits, legumes, vegetables and nuts are examples of alkaline foods as discussed earlier in the article. Actually there are very few people who have testified to that eating of alkaline foods have helped them health wise for example helping them to fight diseases like cancer. This actually sounds too good to be true. If you know you have been eating too much acidic foods for example grains, sugar, certain dairy products like yogurt and cheese, processed food, fish, processed meat and also fresh meat, sodas and last but not least high protein foods for example beans, fear no more as the following alkaline foods which we are going to discuss one by one will definitely help you maintain your body pH to alkaline. The foods include: Almond and almond milk, Amaranth, Artichokez, Arugula, Asparagus, Avocado and Avocado oil, Basil, Beetroot, Broccoli and last but not least Brussels Sprout.

Here is a top 10 list of the most alkaline foods:

1. Almonds and Almond Milk

They alkaline nuts appear first in the list since they are the healthiest. Almond and Almond milk are increasingly becoming very very popular.It is the best since it does not contain much proteins and calcium but provide a lot of of alkaline content. Almond and Almond milk have lots of benefits in the human’s body. Some of the benefits include, it actually helps in weight management, it does not contain lactose which is a natural sugar as discussed earlier, it keeps your digestion in good shape and functioning, aids in muscle strength and also its healing, it does not impair your blood sugar level a bit, it magically keeps your skin glowing hence enhancing natural beauty, it keeps and maintains your heart very health, it also keeps and maintains strong and healthy bones, it does not require any refrigeration and lastly and most important, it is easy to make. Per 100g, it contains 27% of calcium, 25% of iron and 44% protein.

2. Amaranth

Amaranth is not a common grain since it rarely heard easily. It is often a tall plant of about 6 feet height, has red flowers and broad leaves with tiny grains. Amaranth is cooked similar to rice since it is just boiled in hot water for a minimum of 25 minute to be ready. Amaranth has alkaline contents and also contains high protein levels. It is a full package since it also contains vitamins and minerals which are very essential to our body. Per 100g, it contains 16% of calcium, 42% of iron and 14% of protein.

3. Artichoke

Many people love to put into their mouth artichokez and are often placed on top of salads. Since it contains alkaline, it increases the alkaline pH in our bodies. They contain antioxidants which offer a very large range of health benefits for example boost of the immune system and also prevention of cancer. They also contain fiber which help in digestion. Most important of all, artichokez help in brain development and this can be of great importance for especially kids. So, its inclusion in our diet will bring a lot of difference. Per 100g, it contains 20% vitamin C, 12% vitamin K and 17% folates.

4. Arugula

Arugula is a green salad also referred to as rocket. Arugula is often used for detoxification purposes and most important of all it is an alkaline food therefore when taken it improves the pH of the body to alkaline. The vegetable contains a significant percentage of calcium and Vitamin A in its content and therefore important in bone development and also aiding in the boosting of the immune system. This vegetable also contains high level of which aids in the improvement of cholesterol levels in the body. Per 100g it contains 16% calcium, 47% vitamin and 8% iron.

5. Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable which is about 6-7 inch during their time of harvest. They are considered to be the best alkaline foods since it contains a very significant amount of alkaline content in its components. Asparagus contains anti-oxidants and also anti-inflammatory benefits. It also maintains a good digestion of food since it also contains insulin contents. It is also believed that asparagus has anti-aging components. People should make a run for asparagus to avoid aging. Per 100g, it contains 15% vitamin A, 9% vitamin C and 12% iron.

6. Avocado and Avocado Oil

A common question we hear is – is avocado alkaline or acidic? This beautiful, creamy fruit is alkaline, and made our list since this amazing food is packed with nutrients and good, healthy fat. Avocado is well known for its large fat content. Avocado is extremely nutritious ans surprisingly contains more potassium than even bananas. Avocado also contains high level of antioxidants. Unlike other antioxidants, researchers say that the one in the avocado has the ability to directly enter the mitochondrion therefore producing a lot of energy for the body. Avocado oil is also a great deal to use since it has a mild scent as compared to other natural oils for example olive oil. Per 100g, it contains 17% vitamin C, 3% vitamin A and 27% fiber.

7. Basil

Basil is undoubtedly one of the most nutritious herbs in the world. It is usually best when fresh and has a very sweet scent and aroma when added as a spice in food. The uniqueness of this herb is that it is very nutritious and will definitely raise your alkaline pH significantly in your body. Basil contains vitamin K which is an essential in the blood clotting process. It also contains Vitamin A and antioxidants which helps cholesterol from oxidizing in blood vessels which can cause even high blood pressure. Per 100g, it contains 175% vitamin A, 345 % vitamin K and 18% calcium

8. Beetroot

Beetroot has been under the shadows for the past years but now is under light and almost everybody now knows about it. Beetroot can significantly improve your alkaline pH when taken regularly. This vegetable is very important to your diet since it contains phytonutrient betalin which is known to aid in the prevention of the deadly cancer. Fresh beetroot can even be blended and be consumed as juice. Per 100g, it contains 8% vitamin C, 11% vitamin K and 75% follate.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is that one important vegetable that one must add to your diet and it is obviously in our list of alkaline foods. Broccoli has so much nutritional value than most of the vegetables for example kale. According to research, broccoli is said to reduce the risk of obesity, prevention of heart diseases and also diabetes. Broccoli can be steamed or also fried in order to be eaten. Per 100g, it contains 135 vitamin C, 11% vitamin A and 4% calcium

10. Brussels Sprout

This vegetables is not one of the much loved vegetables but because of their high content in nutritional value, it is essential for it to be placed in the diet and due to this we proudly place it in our list of alkaline foods. Researches has shown that Brussels sprouts tend to break down acids made from food therefore helping to reduce the acid level in the body hence maintaining the alkaline pH and even raising it. Per 100g, it contains 142% vitamin C, 15% vitamin A and 8% iron.It is important to note that you do not have to limit yourself to eating only alkaline foods since that will mean that you are not eating a balanced diet. Eat foods which contain Proteins, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and also fruits and vegetables. Try to eat a wide variety of each and every food in each and every category off foods so as to maintain a weel balanced diet. Therefore it is clear that no type of food should be neglected especially those included in our list of alkaline foods.