Cancer Risk Can Increase With Adult Weight Gain

Source: UPI

It is no secret that too much weight gain can do more harm than good for an individuals. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important for lifelong health. IN addition to what we already know about weight gain, a recent study has linked adult weight gain to increased cancer risk. New research from the National cancer Research Institute has released data that shows substantial weight gain over the course of many years can greatly increase the risk of cancer. For men, the percentage increase is 50 and for women it is 20%. The focus of the study was to see what impact long term weight gain had on health.

Now, more than ever, it is important to focus on your health by making good food choices and exercising on a regular basis. Preventing adult weight gain over the course of many years can help prolong your life and reduce your risk of cancer, both obese related types and non-obese related types, as a result.