Fluoride- Safe or Dangerous?


Source: Healthable

Is Fluoride safe or Dangerous? This seems to be a controversial issue. Fluoride occurs naturally in many foods and in water, but it is added to the public water source in many areas at a higher level to help with teeth health. People have claimed that fluoride can cause cancer, but many studies, including one done by the National Cancer Institute in 2011, show no relation between fluoride and cancer. Fluoride in high concentrations is not healthy for you. The amount that may be in your water (contact your local water source to find out if it is in your water) is not a high enough concentration to cause any harm. The reason that you shouldn’t swallow your toothpaste is the high concentration of fluoride. It’s good for your teeth, but not the best for your stomach. So don’t swallow your toothpaste, and don’t worry about fluoride.