Get Sprouting! It’s a Healthy & Easy DIY


Source: Superfoodsforsuperhealth

Sprouts are delicious added to a salad or sandwich. They offer a unique texture. But did you know how healthy they are? Mung Sprouts are way healthier than the non-sprouted mung bean. They contain 60% more protein, and more than double the iron. Sprouts also have more fiber in them than non-sprouted beans. Sprouted legumes are more easily digested. Sprouts can be expensive, especially if you’re buying organic. Growing your own is very easy and cheap. There are lots of different things to sprout, beans, seeds, or even nuts. Choose something nutritious and easy like a mung bean or alfalfa seed to sprout. Put your beans or seeds in a shallow dish and cover it with water. Let it soak for about eight hours. After that, put 3-4 damp paper towels in a shallow dish. Place the soaked beans or seeds on top. Make sure the towel doesn’t dry up. In about a week you should have sprouts ready for consuming.

Healthy & Easy! DIY