Could This New Skincare Trend Help Fight Signs of Aging?


Source: skinneymedspa

Microneedling, a treatment that rolls tiny needles over your skin, is supposed to cause micro-injuries to the skin. Your skin will repair the site, and bring in new elastin and collagen. It’s been used on wrinkles, scarring, and stretchmarks. This treatment might not be for everyone, spe/wp-admin/cifically anyone with a needle-phobia. However it has shown some signs of working. Because the needles don’t go in very deep, it will only work on superficial flaws. Any deep scars won’t benefit. It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t feel good. Most people will need about 6 treatments to get the results desired. An average round of microneedling will cost you about $700, and you may need temporary touch ups.