The Health Benefits of Overnight Oats

health benefits of overnight oats

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Do you feel sluggish and tired in the morning? Perhaps it is not what you think. Starting your day with a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do that is within your control. Many times, we start our day so abruptly that we hardly think of anything before we get to work. Some people even skip breakfast, which is considered by many in the health and medical professions to be “the most important meal of the day.”

Have you Heard About Overnight Oats?

It is important to get the essential nutrients that your body craves, especially in the morning when you are just getting started for the day. So what can you do to find the best foods for breakfast? Oatmeal and fruit have long been considered to be some of the healthiest foods. But sometimes it is hard to make time to make up a dish of oats and then cut the fruit up to put in the oats before you leave for work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to take the nutrition found in oats and combine it with the benefits of other foods such as fruits and nuts or even yogurt?

If you are looking for a healthy treat that tastes great too, you may want to consider Overnight oats. They combine some of the best of the healthy ingredients like oatmeal, milk, fruit, and nuts (and even yogurt) and present it in a form that you can eat all together. What easier way can you think of to create a healthy, nutritious food than one that you prepare at night and can eat in the morning?

History of Overnight Oats

So where did Overnight oats start getting so popular? You might be surprised to learn that it started in hospitals. Sometimes the best foods are found in the hospital! Doctors have been giving patients overnight oats for quite some time now. The health benefits of overnight oats are plentiful, and they include some different factors that will help aid you in improving your health.

Doctors have always prescribed oatmeal as a good staple food for heart patients and others who need food that is nutritious without the high caloric overload. So when hospitals started serving Overnight oats to their patients, it made people sit up and take notice. You might even say that doctors and health care specialists help to start the trend of Overnight Oats!

What? Don’t you know what overnight oats are? First, let’s start with a definition. If you don’t know what they are, it is hard wondering if you think they will help you. Below we will define Overnight oats and show you the benefits that can be derived from eating them. And you will wonder how you could have missed such an important dietary addition!

What are Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats (originally known as muesli,) or “mashup,” is a mix of raw oats that are soaked overnight in lemon water, milk, or yogurt, and then served with fruits and nuts. They are served in an uncooked state to maintain the health benefits. You will see that it’s far better than grabbing the first thing you see in the morning that has nothing but empty calories and refined sugar!

Some of the most significant health benefits of overnight oats are listed below along with the descriptions of the benefits.

You’ll Be Satisfied Without Feeling Too Full

If you are looking for a high carbohydrate breakfast that will get you energized without feeling too full, overnight oats may be the solution. The creamy texture of overnight oats and the high carb that is included in this tasty breakfast choice is great to get your morning started off right. It will give you the energy you need to make it through your day while giving you the added nutrition of the fruits, nuts, and milk and yogurt that you need.

Rather than stocking up on empty calories and snacks like donuts and candy bars that leave you feeling too full or give you a “sugar crash” later in the day, you will feel satisfied without feeling full when you eat Overnight oats. That’s because they are composed of some of the most healthy carbs that you can find without overeating or taking in too much sugar and empty calories.

You’ll Aid in Metabolism and Weight Loss

When you eat overnight oats, you are not only enjoying a delicious morning snack, but you are also helping trigger the release of digestive acids known to help suppress the appetite and speed up your calorie-burning mechanisms. That’s called “metabolism, ” and it is critical to getting the calorie burning engine going in your body. This helps you lose unwanted pounds and helps increase the speed at which your body burns energy and fat.

According to a study about metabolism and fat-burners, exchanging 5% of daily carbohydrates for resistant starch could result in a metabolism boost of 23%. That is pretty significant when you think about what that means. It means that you are burning calories at a 23% higher rate than if you ate something else. That’s a pretty important thing to brag about for Overnight oats. It also illustrates the importance of starting your day with a metabolism booster that allows you to start right off burning calories as soon as you have consumed them.

You’ll Avoid Bad Choices at Breakfast

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing their breakfast foods is that they make poor food choices. Starting your day with donuts or other foods that are high in sugar can result in a temporary high that later leads to a crash later in the day. This can leave you feeling fatigued and depressed when your brain and body have used up the glucose that is present in water. This is where planning comes in. If you take just a few minutes each day to plan what you are going to eat as you plan what you are going to wear, it can result in a much higher degree of healthy choices.

A recent study revealed that planning is everything when it comes to making healthy food choices. In fact, dieters who planned their eating for the day often experienced weight loss at a rate that was four times faster than the group who did not plan what they were going to eat. It makes sense that those who planned what they were going to eat reaped the benefits by several times over those who did not plan.

Planning cannot be underestimated as a factor in the importance of a healthy diet. Like anything else, we make choices everyday. But the adage is true that “those who fail to plan are planning to fail.” We know it’s cliche, but some of the wisest ideas are! If you do not have a plan that includes what you are going to eat for the day, you will reap the results of just eating the first thing in sight. This is not good and will result in negative energy and sugar lows later in the day.

Overnight oats are a choice that you won’t regret because they have some of the most nutritious ingredients that your body needs to feel good and get through your day. They include many healthy foods all rolled into one, and they are easy to prepare because you do it the night before. Then you can just grab it and go!

You’ll Absorb More Healthy Nutrition

Another advantage to eating foods high in nutrition like Overnight oats is that you will reap the benefits of more efficient food absorption. There are some chemical reasons for this fact. When you soak your whole grains in an acid mixture such as fruit and milk, it will help to break down a substance known as phytic acid. Phytic acid is known for inhibiting the digestive process. It can also inhibit mineral absorption. When you soak your oats in the mixture to prepare them for the next morning, you are helping with the process of allowing the phytic acid to be broken down and avoiding the cooking process which damages the control process.

This means that your digestive processes will work better and clear away toxins that your body needs to get rid of to be at its healthiest state. Studies show that, when your digestive system are in good shape, your brain and heart will be too. They are all inherently connected when it comes to your body’s overall health, and you should pay close attention to all aspects of your health to be at your peak.

Bigger is Better for Breakfast

Remember the rule: Bigger is better for breakfast. While this is not always true, the size of the portion of your food is important. The calories are not what gives you the feeling of being full. It is the amount of the proportion of the food. In an experiment regarding this idea, men consumed 12% less of a milkshake that was made to double in size by being filled up with air than they did when served a similar shake without the volumizing effect. This proved that soaking your food such as Overnight oats in this mixture will aid in creating more volume and this will satisfy you longer than food that is eaten in its original form.

You’ll Enjoy Breakfast More

Chances are, if you eat Overnight oats, you will enjoy breakfast more than if you are eating something more ordinary. Nutritionists say that, if you enjoy your meal more, you will ingest more nutrients that can do your body good and get your metabolism going for the day. If you eat more mundane foods that you don’t enjoy as much, you won’t eat as much of it or get the true benefits of the nutrition it involves. So eat up and enjoy your Overnight oats. Your body will thank you!

Your Heart will Benefit

Another strong benefit of eating Overnight oats is the fact that it will help your heart be more healthy. Oats are known as a cholesterol fighter. In fact, even with store-bought oats, it states that the American Heart Association has stated that enjoying a bowl of oats every morning for 30 days will result in reducing your cholesterol by up to 30%. When you think about the fact that you are getting that benefit with Overnight oats as well as the other multiple other health benefits of Overnight oats, you are getting more bang for your buck!

Your Brain will Too!

Oats are also a great brain food. According to Livestrong, an online publication dedicated to improving your brain and overall health, oats are one of the leading preferred foods for the brain. They help the brain by providing needed fuel in the form of glucose. It also provides this energy source over a longer period which means there is less of a feeling of a “crash” later. {}

In addition to oats, Overnight oats also have added fruit and nuts, which are brain foods as well, providing your brain with the bonus it needs to kick the energy into high gear. Remember that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so it is critical that you enjoy your breakfast and make sure you are getting all of the nutrition that Overnight oats allow.

Overall Health Benefits of Overnight Oats

At the end of the day, your overall health is the most important thing. When you eat healthier foods to start your day, you will reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Foods like overnight oats are high on the list of heart and brain foods. They provide you with must needed energy and cholesterol-eating ingredients that rid your body of toxic waste. They make you feel satisfied without feeling full. They also have added health benefits like providing your body with active yogurt cultures, milk, fruit, and nuts that are all essential ingredients of a healthy diet.

When you think about all of the health benefits of overnight oats, it might be easy to see that they are one of the world’s most perfect foods!

Buy some oats and try overnight oats for yourself. You may find that it is one of the best healthy choices you’ve made in a long time!