This Smartphone App Could Save Your Life



PulsePoint, a smartphone app that you can get for you droid or iphone, has already worked to save lives. It’s a free app, and it works by connecting a person having a hard attack with a medical expert. For instance, this October, 2016, Stephen Dupont collapsed from cardiac arrest. He alerted the app, which in turn alerted all nearby CPR trained citizens who have registered with the app. Luckily, Dupont was at a bus stop outside of a hospital in Seattle. Within minutes a nurse and medical student were doing chest compression. A week later, Dupont was walking around and feeling fine. If you’re certified in CPR or if you’re at risk for a heart attack, the PulsePoint phone app is a must download. It’s currently being used in 28 states, but will hopefully be expanded to all 50, and maybe even globally.