What’s More Important, Diet or Exercise?

Diet and Exercise For Weight Loss – Which is More Important? 

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Source: Vibrant Health Clinics

Though for many years people thought that the only way to lose weight and keep it off was to invest your time in a rigorous workout regimen and spend your days in the gym. While exercise is a crucial part of getting in shape and feeling great, it is not the entire picture. Recent studies show that a great deal of any successful lifestyle change and weight loss plan is in fact your nutrition.

Though exercise does have a great impact on how you lose weight and how your body uses the foods that you eat, it may be more important to focus on what you are eating than on the exercises you are using to work it off. Your food choices can make a huge difference on the overall impact, effectiveness, and longevity of the workouts that you do and without a great nutrition plan, your workout is not going to be anywhere near as effective.

New studies suggest that the balance is no longer 50/50 between diet and exercise, but that it leans far more heavily toward diet as your main weapon against weight gain and being unsatisfied with your body. The verdict, you should exercise but a change in diet is essential before you can make any real headway. So be sure to choose an optimal diet and exercise plan, that focuses on eating right