Why Do Men Gain Weight in Their Bellies? 

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Why is it that when men gain weight, they tend to develop potbellies?

The answer has to do with how the body stores fat. When men gain weight, the default storage place is the belly. Think of it like the trunk of a car; just like people loading up a trunk for a picnic at the park, you can put things there; no problem.

But if men eat too much and don’t get enough exercise, then just like a jam-packed trunk, that belly space is going to run out of room. Once a man has a full potbelly, the body starts storing fat elsewhere, which is extremely unhealthy.

In contrast, because of estrogen, women tend to store fat in their hips and legs, especially their thighs. Fat in these storage areas can give women needed energy when they are pregnant or breast-feeding. Women genetically have more capacity to store fat than men are, according to some researchers. What’s more, storing fat in the hips and legs isn’t associated with the same health problems as belly fat.

Belly fat is unhealthy, but even people with perpetually small potbellies may be at risk for medical problems, as their bellies may not be able to get larger for genetic reasons, she said. Luckily, when people exercise, the belly is usually the first place to shed pounds